Bath Accessories

Подови сифони, аксесоари и продукти за баня

   Made of solid polished brass coated Ni-Cr, Ni - satin and gold plated - 24 ct. Own design, high quality processing of the polished surfaces quick and easy installation. Available in different colors and configurations.

Подови сифони, декоративни плочки и розетки

Floor drains

Декоративни плочки и розетки за баня, аксесоари от полиран месинг

   Wide range of floor drains, decorative tiles and rosettes made ​​of solid polished brass or aluminum. They are produced in terms of the integrated system for continuous quality control in accordance with FTS (company specification) jointly developed by NISI (Building Research Institute) - Sofia. Floor drains are characterized by high performance in terms of volume and time of action of the water closing.