About us

We started the company in the long past years of 1992 with the production of various kinds of metal products. Over the time, our main focus became the production of linear and floor shower drains, bathroom accessories and various products made of solid polished brass and stainless steel. For the past years, we have successfuly became one of the leading companies in this industry, thanks to our gained experience and partnership with time-proven companies. Still, this would not have been possible without the trust we get from you – our customers, all these years, because it is exactly you who give the most acurate valuation for our products and have supported our development. That is why we strive for continuous improvement of the quality of offered goods, of increasing and diversifying the assortment in order to better meet your requirements, of maintaining affordable prices and always use high quality materials and technologies.

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International Exhibition INFACOMA 2018 – Athens, Greece