Questions & Answers

Where can we find your products?

You can buy TANUSHEV products from our parthers around the country – “Mr.Bricolage”, “SANEX”, “КREZ”, “ALATI”, “BORO” and others.

Do you have flap floor drains?

To prevent unpleasant smells our drains are equipped with a long-lasting water seal. For us the use of flap is not a good choice because they usually get clogged and need regularly cleaning. Furthermore they usually decrease the debit of the drain.

Can your bathroom accessories be installed without drilling?

The use of glue is a possible option, but be sure to use only quality products because our accessories are massive and heavy so they could cause damage if they fall.

Do you produce linear shower drains in custom sizes?

Linear shower drains are produced only in the shown sizes. If you need a bigger length you might put several drains in a roll.

Is the appearance of rust possible, since the material is stainless steel?

Yes, it is possible rust to appear on the inner side of the drain bed. There are a few possible reasons for that – some particles could have fallen on the drain during production or because of repairs or from the water going thru. These rusty spots are only on the surface and can easily be cleaned using a just hard brush and AMB, nitrotol, etc.

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